DreamImpulse and Dreamliving was created in 2009 to fulfil my interest on architecture and my passion about renewing spaces and houses. My background has allowed me to be determined to accomplish my dream, the dream that I am now sharing with you.

I have had the opportunity to gain new and enriching knowledge by working with Robert Dilts, Frank Farelly, Gianni Fortunato, Christophe Fouad from Nor architects.

My work experience has always been connected with Public Relations and Personal Development. I have a vast experience organising all sort of events such as seminars, festivals, concerts and art exhibitions, working hand in hand with prominent personalities like Frank Farelly, Terry Tafoya, Robert Dilts, Charles Faulkner and Vasily Vorontsov, among others.

I have also collaborated with the Canary Island artist Adrian Ibanez –restoring wind mobiles- and designers such as Gunter Ferdinand Ris and Herbert Selldorf whom created the Sun Ball lounge chair.

I have always been passionate about design which has led me to get involved in the creation of stylish and minimalist furniture.